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Submitted on
November 21, 2012


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Comissions (On Hold)

Wed Nov 21, 2012, 9:56 PM

Details and Rules:

I can draw:

:bulletgreen: Males/Females
:bulletgreen: Simple pets and furries (pokemons etc)
:bulletgreen: Yuri/Yaoi
:bulletgreen: Ecchi/nudity
:bulletgreen: Ask about Hentais
:bulletgreen: Power Inhibition/Bankai/Shikai

I won't draw:

:bulletred: Complex mythologic beasts such as dragons, gryphos, etc.
:bulletred: sadistic/extreme violent pictures, or anything that can make me feel uncomfortable.
:bulletred: Futuristic scenarios or big cities
:bulletred: Mecha

I can try:

:bulletgreen: Old looking characters
:bulletgreen: Anthro
:bulletgreen: Armors


:bulletgreen: You can upload the commissions to your gallery as long as you don't remove the watermark and give
me credits.
:bulletred: You CANNOT re-sell the pictures.
:bulletred: Don't ask for discounts please, i think my prices are totally fair, they aren't too low but they aren't too high as well. And notice that my prices aren't *per character, so i already give a discount for each add chara in one pic. Show my art and effort some respect. I MIGHT give some discounts such as free BG but only for those that are always supporting me with commissions.
:bulletred: I have the right to decline a commission if i think i can't do it.
:bulletred: No refunds
:bulletgreen: Only commission me if you're aware of the rules above, and if you're aware of my Art level/style. I have my own style and i won't mimic Kubo's style or Kishimoto's style.

About Commissions and Prices:

:bulletgreen: Accept :points: (1$ = 100:points:) and :iconpaypalplz:
:bulletgreen: I'll use the download premium to receive the points.
:bulletred: DON'T send me the payment before i accept your commission.
:bulletgreen: The prices can change depending on complexity or too many details in the outfit.
:bulletgreen: Paypal Fees included.
:bulletgreen: You can request to disable the download and add DA watermark.
:bulletgreen: If there is some type of commission i don't offer here and you're interested, feel free to ask, we'll talk about the price.
:bulletgreen: Only Digital, Cell Shading/ anime style. Might offer Soft Shading in the future.
:bulletgreen: For my old/best Commissioners i might do free BGs.


:bulletgreen: Prices does NOT include weaponry, Armory and Effects, those will have a fee depending on complexity.
:bulletgreen: Paypal fees already included.

:bulletgreen: Semi-Chibi

12$ + (8$ each)

*Add chara counts for every add chibi on the 'chibi set', being it solo or pairing.

Happy Bday Nath! by MyangHime[C] Fairy Tail OCs Chibi Set by MyangHime

:bulletgreen: Waist Up  

15$  + (10$  add chara ) + (8$ BG)
*Add chara counts for characters on the same picture/illustrations, not for profile piccus. However if it's a 3+ profile it has discounts~

Price Samples:
Solo: 15$ (23$ with BG)
Two chara/Pairing without BG -> 25$
Two chara/Pairing with BG ->  33$

(no complex weaponry or power effects)

[C] - Fireworks~ by MyangHime[Gift] Kokuto and Faye by MyangHime[AT] Will you...Accept them? by MyangHime

:bulletgreen: Fullsized 

22$ + ( 18$ add chara) + (8-13$ BG)
*Add chara counts for characters on the same picture/illustrations, not for profile piccus. However if it's a 3+ profile it has discounts~

Price Samples:
Solo: 22$ (30$ - 35$ with BG)
Two chara/Pairing without BG -> 40$
Two chara/Pairing with BG -> 48$ - 55$

Matsuo Kenji Timeskip~ by MyangHime  Springvalle and Vermillion: To the Training Fields by MyangHime

:bulletgreen: :new:Action Scenes/Shikai/Bankai/Etc

32$ - 45$ (Comes With BG but nothing too complex)
Miyabi 'Exaelitus' by MyangHimeC - Let the Stars Fall Down by MyangHimeA Gorgon's Magic by MyangHime

:new: Short Comics and Illustrative pics:  We'll discuss about the full price.

(Short Comic) Keiko and Kenjiro by MyangHime

:bulletgreen: :new: Reference Sheet

45$ - 55$ (depends if it is two front references or not)

*2 fullsized references (It can be back/front or two front with different outfit or look for example, it's up for you to decide ~)
*3 additional details (Acessories, any mark/detail in the outfit you want to specify, etc.
*3 headshots (different expressions or angles)
* Weapon reference (optional/Complex Weapon may have an extre charge of +5$)
*Color Palette
*Important written descriptions you might want to add (i recommend only important details not long texts, so it's simple and easier to read and don't miss anything).
*Possible to add a waist up back reference if necessary.

Miyabi Division 7 Reference by MyangHime

:new: Costume Set 22$ first look +
**  3-10$ Add outfit (Way too complex Armory may cost more)
** 2-5$ Add different Hairstyle
** Simple Acessories are Free.
**Includes final sheet + separated .png/transparent BG files.

(sample coming soon)

How i work?

1. Send me a note and fill this:

Characters: (name)

Universe: (Bleach/naruto/hetalia/etc)

Paying with: (points/Paypal)

Type of Com: (Headshot/waist up/Fullsized/comic/sheet/costume set)

Background: (No BG/Simple BG/Complex BG)

References: (links)

References for pose: (optional)

Details: (pose/character personality/etc)

2. I'll reply your note and say if i accepted the commishe.
3. As soon as i can i'll send you a note saying when i'll start to sketch your commishe, if you never commissioned me before, i'll receive half of the payment before i show the sketch.
4. I'll show you the sketch, after the sketch is approved and i'm paid, i'll start working in your commission.

I'm veeery grateful for your support, every single commishe i receive helps alot with my improvement as an artist. Thank you so much! Sincerely :heart:

Thank You For Ordering!
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Senyou Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hi :3 it's ok If I comment on this for being informed when you open the waitlist again? O_oU
MyangHime Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hello there! *^*
Very soon hopefully! i still want to open a new batch before the year ends (and will do so as soon as i finish the current list) ♥

Will make sure to open a journal or poll letting everyone know the day i'll open the new batch :iconbunnylalaplz:
Hope there is still people interested in ordering commishes when i do .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

Thank you so much for your interest :iconsupertighthugplz:
BluBlazeFire0 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
Myang oAo
Would it be okay if i sent a note about the profile sheet commission? >A<
MyangHime Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist

Anytime! tho I can only start the work once i finish the current commish list ;^; (on ze next batch~) Already made people wait too long because of my internet derping T^T
BluBlazeFire0 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
okay i'll send one now C:
Ah okay, no worries ^_^ I'll wait until then ^3^
xNoakix3 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaaa.. could you maybe put me on your waiting list? ;;
MyangHime Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hello dear! *^*

Waiting list is closed for awhile till i reduce my current commishe list ;v;
But as soon as i finish some commishes i'll look up on this journal comments and let u know when more slots will be avaiable, to see if you're still interested ♥

Thank you sooo muchu for ur interest :iconsupertighthugplz:
xNoakix3 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you ;; <3
BluBlazeFire0 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Student Artist
May i please be on the waiting list for the next batch?

Gonna ask for another Character Sheet *^*
MyangHime Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Sure dear >3< ♥
I'd let you make another order right now but the current waiting list is already so long :iconrlyterplz:
But i shall move your notes to the Batch 10 folder so i dun forget (if i do u can always scold me on skype tho xP ♥)
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