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About Digital Art / Student Premium Member Ana Carolina A. Lima23/Female/Brazil Groups :iconmiyabi-fc: Miyabi-FC
~ Lotus Flower ~
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All dem Gifts s2

All of the Commishes, ATs, and gifts people drew for me. Thank you so much for your kindness! Love you all :heart:

Original Characters

                                    F e m a l e s

                                    M a l e s

                                    2n d G e ne r a t i o n (TBA)

Info/To do List

Commissions ~ ON HOLD by OtomeNishikiArt Trades ~ FRIENDS ONLY by OtomeNishikiCollabs ~ FRIENDS ONLY by OtomeNishikiRequests ~ DON'T DO by OtomeNishiki


Slots Taken

(Previous Batch)

:iconmetalobsidian: FBx2chara+BG Pink Bar Letters Paid by YuikoHeartless //FinalEdit
:iconjusace: Commission traaade *v* //Sketching

(Confirmed slots/Current Batch/All info OK!//No Especific Order!)

:iconladyoftheseireitei:- x1 FB (Bankai Exhibition)
- x1 Waist-up Fanservicey + SemiBG //Sketching
- x1 waist-up
- x1 SketchPage
:iconjupmod: Waist up(2Chara+BG)
:iconscorch62msc: x2 FullBody (BleachCover)
x1 FB (Shikai Exhibition)
:iconrei-kiri: x1 Waist up
:icontygerlander: x5 chara Illustration
:iconfreyafirewolf: x1 Semi-Chibi
:iconeternallight10: Knee-up+chara+BG
:iconc-hemistry: x1 FullBody
:icontrevorv87: x1 HalfBody+chara
x1 FullBody Action/Shikai
:iconnikky93: x1 Halfbody Illust(6 chara)
x1 HalfBody Illust(5 chara)
x1 Semi-Chibi (2chara)
:iconcosmicbutterflies: FB (2chara)
:iconcielo-the-sky: WaistUp(2 Chara)
:iconwarriorangel36: x1 FB//profile
x1 FB/HB Illustration
x2 HB(2chara+BG)
:iconnerdicwriter: x2 FullBody(BleachCover)
:iconchikararyoku: FullBody (2 chara)


On Hold/Waiting Info

Deidarakitty*waiting info*
MikoYami*waiting info*
MrB1ank*waiting info*
mihijime *waiting info*
IchiNi2546 *waiting info*









Waiting for

PC Imagin-Aria (paid) Hagawa Miyabi
AT with LolliHime Heisuke and Alexia (naruto couple)
AT BiscuitHunter09
AT Ankoku-Sensei
AT rei-kiri
AT unicornchen


:iconghost--ball: :iconmiyabi-fc: :iconbrazil-x-world:



Deviant ID

ID Art/OC by: Me~

DA Icon gifted by: AussieGirlEmi

Ana Carolina Alves Lima
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Brazil - Rio de Janeiro


DA Family!

My Mommy:icongremilation:

My Daddy :iconabsolute-king:

My Imouto (little sis) :icontikzunniescarlate:

My Daughter :iconlady--nyx:

My Husband :iconlanokir:

:heart: They're always there for me :heart:  

:heart:Dear Friends/Buuutiful People :heart:


Highly Inspirational


My Beloved Pairings <3


Miyabi :heart: Hisame
Nephilim :heart: Balkan
Minorin :heart: Kaitou
Irisviel :heart: BlackStar
Natalia :heart: Kiba
Hanshin:heart: Hana
Louise :heart: Kasumi :heart: Lufia
Volchitsa :heart: Haku
Volk :heart: Wayne
Shinta :heart: Rush
Vermillion :heart: Springvalle


Nicolle :heart: Yuuta
Morgana :heart: Hataya
Mystina :heart: Nemesis


Kenji :heart: Lynnette


Nanami :heart: Ranmaru


Faye Fong :heart: Kokuto


Saitou :heart: Rylee
Nox del Thanatos :heart: Hotaru


Shiho :heart: Kuroi-chin :heart: Carmilla


Shinoda H. :heart: Alexia

I Love and Support

KenKei Stamp 2 by WarriorAngel36Support Dokuja Stamp by KirasDarkLightSupport Takehiko Stamp by KirasDarkLightFlowersGirlsStamp by JusaceSakurabaJusaceStamp by JusaceI Support Masako - Stamp by KirasDarkLightAuroraStamp by JusaceThe Fierce Dragon by AlbinoEisbaerMiyabixHisame Stamp by WarriorAngel36MiyabixHisame Stamp 2 by WarriorAngel36HisaMiyaStamp by Jusace- Stamp PC: I support Kenji x Lynnette. - by ChicaTHCM: Heisuke and Alexia stamp by Purinsesu-stampsStamp - Rurouni Kenshin by SuxinnNataliaxKiba Stamp by WarriorAngel36BlackStarxIris Stamp by WarriorAngel36Kenshin Kaoru Stamp by KenxKaoSoujiro Seta stamp by ArtemisA-wolfRoy Mustang Fan Stamp by Echizen-RyomaAkashi Stamp by chibifuhrerBleach Hitsugaya Stamp 1 by erjanksStamp: Gaara Fangirl by MikutashiCM: N. Brazil stamp by Purinsesu-stampsLaharl Stamp by Mayu-HikaruI heart Prinnies Stamp by Elaine-GuybrushChocobo stamp by KadajoFinal Fantasy Stamp by Death-SummonerStamp: Hiei by zoro4me3hiei by meimei-stampsStamp Kimi ni todoke by lizethuchihaKaichou wa Maid-sama by marzie-xUsui Stamp by bebetsyKimi ni Todoke - Kazehaya fan by TokisNaNa stamp by narutoxhinataloveShin Stamp by Saiyukigirl09Otani Stamp by Neko-BelBokura Ga Ita Stamp 2 by lizethuchihaBokura Ga Ita Kiss by Fyi-SusStamp: I Support Yohohohoho by uzukun89Luffy Stamp 2 by melo91Hyde Stamp by HappyStampHaji stamp 1 by ArthurT2013Saya and Haji by NocturnLeNoiresBreath of Fire stamp by ruusuvesiBreath of Fire IV: Fou-Lu Stamp by immature-giraffeBreath of Fire Stamp by Serenalamarest::Suikoden Stamp:: by xloki-arisuxPsycho-Pass Stamp by Lunar--Fang:thumb352894551::thumb352893871:vision of escaflowne stamp by AngelicHeartAlvin stamp by Akiyama-LhantTales of Xillia Fan Stamp by EngelchenYugiDuo Maxwell Stamp by SweetyTeetyGundam00-Neil-stamp by Shir0ganeStar Ocean: The Last Hope by charry-photosWithin Temptation stamp by purgatoriTrust Company Stamp by beeccyAmy Lee Stamp by fairlyflawed



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